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Brick Laying

Bricklaying is a construction trade that requires specialised tools to ensure precision and efficiency in the building process. The most important tool in the bricklaying process is the trowel, which is a flat, pointed blade used to spread mortar evenly and accurately. The brick hammer is used to break bricks or cut them to size, while the brick jointer is used to create a concave joint between bricks. The chisel is used to trim and shape bricks. The spirit level is used to ensure that the wall is level and plumb, while the line and pins are used to create a straight line along which bricks are laid. Brick tongs are used to carry and place bricks accurately without causing damage. The mortar board is used to hold and mix mortar, while the hawk is used to hold and carry mortar. Lastly, the brick spacer is used to ensure that bricks are laid with an equal gap between them. These tools are commonly used in bricklaying to help ensure a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing brick wall or structure.

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OX Pro Gauging Trowel 7"/180mm
OX Pro Pointing Trowel
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